Why study these courses?

The Ready for Work programme is aimed at enabling you to make a flying start in your new job. The skills, knowledge and attitudes you show will impress progressive employers! Every employer is very keen for new recruits to succeed: all businesses today need great people if they are to move ahead in a highly competitive world.

At the same time, employers have their own agenda - like you they have plans, concerns, issues and goals. Some feel that the educational system does not always prepare new entrants to the workplace well enough. New recruits that have an awareness of today's employment issues and an appreciation of what the employer will expect of them, will have a head start in the employment stakes!

Ready for Work will ease your transition into employment, reduce any anxiety and build your self-confidence...

Ready for Work will provide you with a base level of knowledge on key workplace issues on which your employer can build with on-the-job training.

Ready for Work can provide you with a way to demonstrate your awareness, self-motivation and initiative to prospective employers.

In summary - completing the Ready for Work programme will give you a real edge with prospective employers!